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Social Media is an essential tool that all businesses need to incorporate. Marketing through social media is imperative because it allows your business to have another “platform” to generate customers. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin are free platforms that are at your disposal to market accordingly.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool that allows your website to be shown on the results page of search engines such as Google. Search Engine Optimization gives a business owner the ability to have his or her website listed in the first position or in a reasonable position in a search engine results page.


A website offers a first impression of the company. To distinguish oneself from a competitor, a website needs to offer the user a unique and memorable experience. We at Softwaylancing understand the importance of beating the competition, and continuously strive to create new design methods to implement into your website as well as into ours.

Why Us?

Websites are the window into a business. In practice, a website represents a business. A user’s first impression of a business is delivered through the quality and design of a website. Think of a time when you’ve used a website, and instead of having a pleasurable experience, the website looked outdated or failed to deliver in terms of speed and efficiency. Did that website leave a particularly good impression of the company? Was there a desire to use that website again? Now picture a website that offered everything you could have wanted in a cheap, fast, and easy process. As a result, my business partner and I have created Softwaylancing. We offer stunning and modern User Interfaces paired with seamless back end development to ensure that your website leaves your users with a WOW factor. We pride ourselves on our low prices, because we have respect for your business. Instead of overcharging like others in the industry, we value your customer satisfaction, knowing that if we haven’t left you satisfied, how can we possibly attempt to go and satisfy others

  • Professional development by Computer Engineers
  • Younger, creative, and more energetic team
  • Cheaper prices
  • Beautiful websites
  • Optimal Performance


Softwaylancing did an incredible job building my business website. They tailored every feature to meet my business needs. The website was done very professionally and in a timely manner. Highly recommended!

Ramy Aqel

I am completely happy with the professional service and website Softwaylancing has provided. I will recommend them to anyone- completely satisfied with the whole process and finished product.

Scott Velders President, Social Solutions NY

About Us

Softwaylancing is a small startup that started in the summer of 2017 by then college students Filip Miljak and Yash Jain. The company was founded by Filip and Yash in order to fund their dream of attending the 2018 world cup in Russia. As a computer engineer, Yash had great experience in software development and along with his friend Filip, realized to start a business by offering software services to businesses in New York. In less than 9 months since the business was founded, Softwaylancing has built 10 websites for 8 clients while in college. Softwaylancing is growing as more clients are using our services as we have had a lot of positive feedback from previous clients for our youthful vision and creativity, energy, and cheap prices. Over the years we would like to expand our business and offer more services.

Founders of Softwaylancing